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100th Annual Meskwaki Powwow Princess
Sarah Ikebe-Bear - on the right
Junior Princess
Neena Lasley - on the left

100th Annual Meskwaki Powwow family/ committee specials update!!


Wednesday, August 6th

No specials scheduled. Princess and Jr Princess contest at 7:00 PM.


Thursday, August 7th (Children's Day)

Tiny Tot honoring by Kiyana Inc. 1 boy and 1 girl winner receive backpacks filled with school supplies. All others receive monetary gifts and candy.

During supper break- Jr Girls Fancy Shawl special sponsored by Sean Keahna Sr. and family in honor of Alexandria "Alexis" Keahna. 4 places plus honorariums.

Tiny Tot honoring sponsored by the Davenport family in memory of the late Bertha and Harvey Davenport Sr.   Monetary gift and goodie bags


Friday, August 8th

Before afternoon grand entry- Tiny Tot special sponsored by Audrey Youngbear and Sade Kapayou. Prizes TBA

During supper break- Exhibition all Jr and Teen categories, boys and girls (Kiyana Inc.)

Teen vs. Women's Fancy Shawl special sponsored by Orrenzo Snyder family and Sanache family in memory of the late Bernice Sanache. $400 $300 $200 $100

Men’s Traditional special sponsored by the Sanache and Snyder families in memory of the late Frank Sanache.  $500 $300 $200


After evening performance- Men’s/ Women's Woodland style special sponsored by the Youngbear and Roberts families. (2 songs) This special will also have contests Saturday and Sunday. Both Mens and women's champion will receive $500, jacket and other gifts. There will also be 4 consolation winners for both men and women.

Men’s Grass Dance special sponsored by Avis Magigea Bear-Bass and Jade Ikebe and family in memory of the late Alvin "Bunny" Bear. $400 $300 $200 $100

Women's Traditional special sponsored by powwow association. $400 $250 $100


Saturday, August 9th

During supper break- Jr Girls fancy, jingle, traditional. Jr boys fancy, grass, traditional. Teen girl’s fancy, jingle, traditional. Teen boy’s fancy, grass, traditional. 1 song each (Kiyana Inc.) Juniors 7-12 yrs Teens 13-17 yrs.

Jr’s payout $200 $150 $100 $75

Teens payout $400 $300 $200 $100

Point system will be used for grand entries as well for Friday evening, both sessions Saturday and  Sunday afternoon.


After evening performance- Men’s/ Women's Woodland style 2 songs

Men’s/ Women's combined Boot and Hat special, sponsored by Marley Whitefish and family. $300 winner take all + jacket

Men’s Traditional special sponsored by Arlan Whitebreast and family. $1000 winner take all + Pendleton

Men's Fancy dance special in memory of the late Victor Lasley, sponsored by the family of Mr. Lasley. $1000 $750 $500


Sunday, August 10th

Supper break- Contest all categories for Jrs and Teens, 1 song each. (Kiyana Inc.)

Men’s/ Women's Woodland Style (1 song)

Women's Jingle special sponsored by powwow association. $400 $250 $100

There will be a hand drum contest throughout the weekend. Prizes yet to be determined.


This is our annual Traditional powwow. However, being it’s our 100th Annual, we've added a lot of family sponsored special this year. It’s a unique event and we, the Meskwaki people, would like to invite you all to celebrate with us in Tama, Iowa  August 7-10.

The Annual Meskwaki Powwow originated from the traditional religious and social beliefs of the Meskwaki Tribe. Today, it is not so much a religious event, but more of a social gathering. Specifically, today’s event is derived from the “Green Corn Dance” and other social events of the Tribe in their early years. The “Green Corn Dance” was an annual event that took place during the harvesting of crops.

The “Field Days” held from 1902 to 1912, lasted about a week, with dancing, games, and horse racing. It was a social gathering without a harvest.

In 1912, the Chief appointed 15 men to plan for the next year. The appointed men decided to change the name from “Field Days” to “Powwow”. The first powwow was held at the present location.

Today, the Meskwaki Powwow is the only one of its kind and is held annually on the only Indian Settlement in the State of Iowa. During the four day affair, the gathered Indians celebrate and perform, in full-dress regalia, dances that have been handed down for generations.

It is the dancing that has drawn the most attention from the outside world, for it is by far the most colorful and intriguing aspect of the Powwow. It is a time of reaffirmation and hope, of worship and kinship, and, above all, a time of friendship and making new friends.

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